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● 30% More Spacious Workstation ● Ultra Speed Gigabit LAN Infrastructure ● Dedicated Server Room with Hi-Speed Internet


About Perth Digital Zone

  • We provide decent infrastructure for the computer-based online test to help different organizations, corporate and educational institutions to select candidates based on test and their assessment.
  • Our in-house infrastructure provides a series of efficient services for different types of examinations.
  • We currently have dedicated team members for centre management, help desk, development and IT support.
  • We're committed to providing the best user experience with the latest infrastructure & services possible.

Our Features

We provide best state-of-the-art Infrastructural Facilities, to create category leading brand experiences that have meaning and add a value for our clients.

Air-Conditioned Premises

We have fully air conditioned computer labs, staff room and server room with all required amenities.

Invigilation by CCTV Camera

We provide high resolution CCTV surveillance & monitoring (20IP Camera connected through NVR 32 Channel with Surveillance 4Tb Hard Disk).

Power Backup

We have dedicated 200 KVA transformer with three phase power supply, 63 KVA kirioskar Generator with 3 phase power supply & 40 KVA Microtek Online UPS.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric verification such as fingerprint to prevent cheating.

Proctored Testing Environment

Ensure the validity, reliability and defensibility of high stakes tests and exam.

Web Cam Invigilation

System captures images of the applicant during examination process.

Registration & Help Desk

We have facility of registration desk with computer system at reception area for registration of candidates and support.

Baggage Storage Facility

We have separate & secure baggage storage area outside the examination hall for candidates who carry any baggage with them.

Frisking Zone

We have facility of separate frisking zone for male and female candidates.

Benefits of Perth Digital Zone

  • Proctored testing environment at test centers with professional staff of invigilators.
  • Computer environment provides several tools that allow test takers to more effectively utilize the alloted time.
  • It benefits the candidates with increased access and flexibility resulting in more exam times.
  • All staff are Young, Dynamic, Skilled, Experienced and Dedicated.
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